How to import your private key from Helium wallet to Phantom wallet

If you wish to use the phantom wallet instead of the Helium wallet follow this guide.

Step 1

Open the Helium Wallet.

Step 2

Tap the settings icon in the top left corner.

Step 3

Tap on Reveal Private Key.

Step 4

Wait for the Proceed with caution button to be enabled then tap it.

Step 5

Tap to reveal your private key. Make sure no one is around and do not take a screenshot of this.

Step 6

Tap on Copy.

Step 7

If you already have a Phantom wallet created follow these steps below. If not, follow the steps here to create a Phantom wallet first before continuing: How to create a Phantom wallet

Open the Phantom wallet.

Step 8

Tap on the arrow down.

Step 9

At the bottom tap on Add / Connect Wallet.

Step 10

Tap on Import Private Key.

Step 11

Leave the top option Solana. In the second box enter to name of the wallet, it can be anything and be changed later. The last box, paste the private key we just copied from the Helium wallet. Then Tap import.

You have successfully imported your private key from the Helium wallet to the Phantom wallet. I suggest clearing your clipboard by copying something else so the private key gets erase from memory, so you do not accidentally paste it somewhere by mistake.